oatmeal and coconut water. wait, what?!

oatmeal keeps you fuller longer.  something about, well, it just does.  i love oats.  i think because for several years i didn’t know about gluten free oats so there there was a couple year lapse from when i was first diagnosed with celiac disease and when i found a reliably safe source for gluten free oats.

two years of wishing you could just have a simple bowl of oatmeal kinda makes a girl appreciate that bowl today.

but this post is not about a bowl but a glass.  i was STARVING after my run this morning.

i decided to make a 295 calorie, very filling oatmeal smoothie.  i found inspiration from martha stewart, the human version not my dog. i changed around the quantity and the ingredients a bit to what i had on hand.

the results.  happiness.  4 hours later, not hungry.

here is what i did to make 1 smoothie for myself:
1 cup ice.
1/4 cup frozen fruit. i used cherries, 25 calories.
1/4 cup chobani non-fat vanilla yogurt, 43 calories.
1 banana, 90 calories.
1/4 cup rolled oats, 75 calories.
1/2 tablespoon of honey, 32 calories.
1/2 cup of juice. i used coconut water, 30 calories.

we have been on a coconut water fix ever since our boston trip.  we really like zico.  did you know that coconut water naturally has 26% more potassium than one banana, 5 essential electrolytes, naturally gluten free, and has no added sugars.  i am kinda happy about it.