pushing the envelope and stepping out of my box.

i say “no” a lot.  i like being in my box.  it is comfortable here.  but we don’t grow by staying in our boxes. and as i am losing weight, i am trying to grow as a person.  i am starting by saying “yes” to more things.

consciously i don’t say no because of my weight.  but i am learning that i conveniently ignored  how many ways my weight was restricting my activities.  in my heart, i love adventure.  i love pushing the envelope.  but in reality there are weight limits.  and comfortable “kayaking” clothes don’t typically come in cute plus sizes.

for our upcoming trip to vegas i am pushing myself to step out of my box.  way out.  i am planning and signing up for activities that i would have not been able to participate in 6 months ago all due to weight limits.  this is exciting people.

first up, i signed up for land sailing.  i have never heard of land sailing before but the husband was thrilled when i mentioned the groupon coupon.  so i signed up.  apparently the ivanpah dry lake, nv is the top spot in the country to go land sailing.  well then.  how could we not go?!

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i am sure we will be finding sand in places we didn’t know existed for weeks after our trip.  but after searching youtube videos this seems like it will be a blast.

next up, what is the best vantage point to see the vegas strip?  by helicopter, of course!  another coupon, i think this one from living social was too good of a price to not go up, up, and away.  140 miles per hour at night over the vegas strip.

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we signed up the extreme helicopter tour.  meaning no doors on the helicopter.  sweet jesus.  i am already a bit sweaty and nervous.  there is a very high probability that i will chicken out and the husband will have to go up with an elvis impersonator.  just sayin’.

nothing like a couple of adrenaline rush activities to get me out of my comfort zone.