speaking of whole, natural foods

i witnessed blanche laying her second egg.  i was out with the ladies this morning and she was acting different than normal.  she was making the loudest of noises and would run into the coop and then back again.  over and over again.

finally she went inside and i heard her in the nesting box. after about 20 mins voila! she poked her head out and went on about her business.  i took that opportunity to reach in to see what she left me.

tonight we are going to be having an egg each.  the first egg is the one closest to the bottom of the picture.  the egg today is a bit bigger and lighter in color.

the most precious eggs i have ever seen.  talk about natural, whole food.  i know every thing these chickens have been putting in their bodies since day 1 of their life.  they are happy, completely spoiled, natural chicks.  i can’t wait to eat the eggs.

i think farm life is agreeing with me.