weigh in monday

last week was a difficult week.  emotionally.  physically.  i was just down.  i had plans that fell through due to the bad weather that i was super disappointed about.  the weather was awful all week.  i think i am learning that i really need to see the sun every day or at least every other day.

i pulled a groin muscle which is definitely not the end of the world but really hurt.  i was painting the trim at the ceiling, while standing on the kitchen counter.  then i slipped, fell onto the chair i mistakenly used instead of a ladder and splat.  it could have been MUCH worse.  but i limped away with paint all over the place, bruises all over both my legs and a pulled groin.

injuries are the absolute worst when you are working so hard to reach a goal.  so many times before i have allowed an injury completely derail my progress.  i have to keep reminding myself that this is weight loss goal is more than a trip to vegas, it is more than a quick diet, this is my life.  one decision at a time.  if i can’t workout today then i should so something the next day.  if i can’t do cardio, then do ab work.  just don’t stop.  one good decision at a time will result in long term positive change.  

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i tried going to the gym three times this week but the elliptical hurt as well as the treadmill.  i should have gone swimming but didn’t.  i got lazy and grouchy.  because i wasn’t doing a lot of cardio i knew i needed to cut back on calories which means i was not a lot of fun to be around.  feel sorry for the husband here. 

i did manage to stay on track and lose 3 more pounds this week.    my total is lost 35 pounds!  5 more pounds to my first little reward.  blanche and rose are continuing to lay their beautiful brown and blue eggs so i am determined to order the egg crate sooner than later.  we are thinking the buffs, lucy and ethel, will start laying this week.  any eggs recipes?  send them over!

my leg is feeling better after a weekend of rest.  no more excuses.  i am off for a neighborhood jog/walk.  3 miles.  i got this. 

the picture above cracked me up because it is so true.