weigh in monday

#10 on my 30 while 30 list is officially crossed off on my sidebar.  weigh in monday showed a loss of 4 pounds!  i knew i would have to “bring it” if i wanted to make my reward trip to vegas.  the time table is short and i knew (with the help of my math smarts partner) that i would have to lose 4 pounds, at least 3 of the next 9 weeks.  i have definitely started off on the right foot!

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total weight loss is 32 pounds.

this past week i didn’t go to the gym everyday. instead i went running.  outside.  i have worked up to doing an hour on the elliptical at the gym. i sweat. it is hard at times because i do the interval training but i can do it. running. outside on hills.  super sweat. super sore. 

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the husband and i have started a friendly competition each monday.  week to week who can lose more pounds?  prizes are the winner gets an evening where they call all the shots.  dinner, including who cooks it. entertainment. etc.  whatever they want.  this week i am super proud of my sweet tea loving husband because he lost 2 pounds.  but that makes me the winner for week one.  i will post about my reward evening later on in the week!

i am off to a full day of my guardian ad litem work. jail. home visits. you know, good stuff. i hope you all have a great start to the week!