weigh in monday with a sprinkle of a reward trip reveal

boy oh boy. reaching one goal then celebrating by not exercising and eating twice at j.p. licks in boston does not a happy weigh in day equal.  question: why do we celebrate with food? seems like a vicious, unhealthy cycle. when coming up with rewards it was hard because my first instinct is to reward myself with a cupcake.  err, no.

last tuesday, when we got back from our travels, i weighed myself and realized that i had a problem.  i had gained weight! 3 pounds, pushing my total weight lost to 27 pounds.  trying not to beat myself up, i tried super hard to break even for this scheduled weigh in day.  whomp, whomp.  i didn’t succeed.

this weigh in showed that i had gained 1 pound since my last scheduled weigh in.  so i am at 29 pounds lost total. 

what does this mean?  it means this is life. my sports bra is on. after i hit “enter” i am off to the gym.

i think several things happened these last couple of weeks.  lots are things to be proud of.  it is “this week” so i am bloated and retaining water for this weigh in day.  (keeping it real people!) i stopped exercising while in boston, i thought all the walking was enough but clearly not.  which makes me super proud of my workouts in the gym!  i did go to the gym twice while in tennessee (more on that trip later!) and once back home, went 3 out of the 4 days.

i keep moving.  i try not to get discouraged.  i keep eating healthy.  this is life.  and lets be honest, if gaining a couple pounds is my biggest setback then i know i will be completely okay.  because those pounds will not be there next week.  guaranteed.

continuing to move forward here are my next rewards!  (i would really like to insert a drum roll sound effect.  husband, can we work on that?) to keep me sane, i am starting over. let me explain. i like focusing on 30 pounds.  doesn’t sound like too much.  doesn’t overwhelm me.  i am good with 30. so the rewards for this next group are still going to be the same 10 pounds, 20 pounds, and then the final 30 pounds.  make sense?

so for the first 10 pounds (which will actually be 11 since i have that measly 1 pound that i gained to lose, blargh.)  i will buy for myself what my chicken loving eye has been wanting for quite some time now … a beautiful teal farmer’s egg crate from anthropologie. i am seriously so excited.

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i have not yet figured out my 20 pound reward.  i think it is going to be signing up for a pottery class.  i am just going to do it! i am nervous. scared a bit of failure. but i think i am going to go for it!

and for the final 30 pound travel reward … we have decided to go to LAS VEGAS! neither the husband or myself have ever been and after a quick facebook poll, looks like this is the place to go.  at least once in our lifetime.

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we are also super excited about seeing the grand canyon.  we already have our zip car membership (thanks to an awesome groupon deal a couple weeks back) and planning out our travels.

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so there you go.  reward trip planned.  we are finalizing our dates but it looks like i have 9 weeks to lose 30 more pounds.  i definitely have my work cut out for me!  our final reward trip is time sensitive so i need to quickly get through this middle hurdle.  oh man i am already beyond excited about that final trip!  but first, lots of fun adventures to explore while in this middle hump.

and while on the subject of weight, i know this weight loss has been a long road.  i looked at my weight when we first moved out here and i had a personal trainer, three years ago.  i had lost 50 pounds that first year.  i then gained back 10 pounds after our first miscarriage.  so total lost right this second, i am at 69 pounds lost which means when i reach my goal of las vegas i will be celebrating 100 pounds total lost since we moved out to our little farm. 

i think a sequins dress will be in order.