a farm workout

last week i pulled something in my knee.  nothing major but i haven’t been running on it to give it a couple days of rest.  sunday i found a workout that probably burned more calories than i could have imagined.  i am sore in places i have never been sore before.
one by one, each piece of wood was moved.  when we were planning the chicken coop and run we planned to have a more compact wood shed built attached to the run.  so with two post already in place it was time to start moving the wood.
lots of sweat.  rooster crows.  and two snakes later (one being a copperhead! eek!). 
this is a two stage process.  ultimately we want a tin roof (currently trying to find scrap metal on craigslist) and more of a “shed.”  but until i can find the scrap metal for the roof this tarp will do.  
we ran out of daylight so it is not completely finished but we are expecting rain this week and the way it is now will protect the wood.  oh i just can’t wait to start up the wood stove.  it may just be one of my most favorite things about the winter season.
off to purchase some snake away asap.