a photo shoot.

a while back i reconnected via facebook, of course, with a friend that i went to high school with.  facebook led to blog stalking.  i love, love, love her blog.  i have tried many of her vegan recipes and have yet to be disappointed.  and then her photography.  absolutely stunning.

for the holiday season, shannon offered a “mini-session” special and i couldn’t refuse.  the husband and i have absolutely no pictures that we love of ourselves.  our walls are bare.  we didn’t take engagement photos.  our wedding photographer was awful and there are very few pictures from that big day that we like.  therefore, with both of us losing weight and feeling good about ourselves, i thought what a better way to celebrate not only the weight coming off but how much we have been through these last couple of years.

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we truly are more in love than we were the day we got married.  we know each other on a completely different level and after just seeing the sneak peak of the photographs from our shoot, i really feel shannon captured that love in our eyes for each other.  i feel so extremely blessed to have the marriage that i do and to now have photographs that simply make me feel love.

for more pictures from our photo shoot and to add a really great blog to your reader visit living with the lowrys.