a slow gallop and then a gorge.

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i took a step last friday to help push me.  our vegas trip is right around the corner which is exciting but i wanted something else to motivate and challenge me.    i signed up for a thanksgiving day 8k race!  i enlisted a few of some fabulous ladies to join me and i am beyond excited.  an 8k is 5 miles and will be my longest race yet.

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i will not be first.  but i am determined not to be last.  with the support of my new running shoes and the laughter of my running mates it is guaranteed to be a fun time.

sweat included.

if anyone in the area wants to join me and my running ladies please let me know.  registration fills up and it is around $35.  we walk/jog in intervals and promise to leave no one behind!  let me know if you want to join us!


Hi there - I found your blog through Melissa's (old co-workers). I'm at work, but have skimmed the last few posts and just wanted to say "hello." And I really love that sign about running a mile :) Totally how I feel!!