all hens are accounted for.

oh how i love owning chickens.  i really do.  i never thought i would own chickens.  when we got the baby chicks i was sure they would all die because i don’t really have any idea what i am doing.  i had just read book after book.  never had i been around chickens before.

so when we got home from the fair yesterday to find five eggs in the coop i could have cried.  cried tears of pure happiness.  i have raised these hens from the very beginning and they all, not only survived but are actually doing what they are suppose to be doing.  laying eggs.  i am one proud chicken mama.

our beautiful eggs.  i have already sold a dozen.  so exciting!  the below picture is the first egg from our sweet cosby the black jersey giant.  the first couple of eggs can be oddly shaped and this one just made us laugh.  so precious.

here are some more pictures from the flocks free-ranging hours on saturday.  at this point they only are allowed out when we are outside.  there isn’t a fence around our entire property and with neighbor dogs that often roam i just don’t feel comfortable.  plus there is a family of hawks that live on our back property.

it was great watching the rooster in action.  i have to say i am really hard on the rooster.  i didn’t want one and complain a lot about him.  but outside of their run, in the “free world” he did his job.  i was so impressed with his instincts.  i guess we will keep him another day.

plus the husband really likes him.  they have a funny relationship.  i guess it is a testosterone thing.

my entire flock.

the three babies.  only by a week but these three really stick together.  i love it.  lucy, ethel, and cosby.

my favorite, ethel.  and the husbands favorite, his tractor.

days like saturday make me so incredibly thankful we made the move we did.  to have the space.  the quiet.  the freedom to do whatever we please.  our cars are constantly dirty from the dirt road but i can’t imagine not living off a dirt road from here on out.