around the coop.

i would assume, because i don’t actually know, but i have a strong sense that the chickens love to hear the tractor engine start to run.  why you ask?  because they get heaping bags of grass clipping.  they LOVE grass clippings.

my hen cosby, pictured above.  she is our sole jersey black giant.  i love when the sun hits her feathers.  just beautiful.  pictured below are our two buff orpingtons, lucy and ethel.  and dorothy our rooster close behind.

evidence that chickens do in fact have tongues.

rose, our ameraucana has been consistently laying beautiful blue eggs everyday since she started laying.  

this morning i was coming home from my run and i heard a new noise coming from inside the coop.  i found lucy sitting in the nesting box laying her first egg.  way to go lucy!

here is a quick video of the noises the hens make when laying.

and because the husband is part of “our” in “our simple happy life” i took a picture of his beauty.  we just recently bought the kubota tractor and love it.  here is a photo of the old, very used mower we got when we first moved out here and now the new tractor.  vast improvement i would say.