banana split for breakfast.

yesterday was a rough day.  i felt like animals were in constant need.  my job was emotionally getting the best of me.  i hurt my knee running.  i couldn’t get anything that i wanted to get done, done.  i know, at least i will tell myself, we all have days like that.  thankfully, today is friday. 

with an exciting weekend ahead i decided to make a fun breakfast.  using pinterest as my inspiration i came across this and knew it was exactly what i needed to get my day started with a smile.

my version of a breakfast banana split includes:
1, 6 oz. chobani greek yogurt strawberry, banana flavor. 160 calories.
1 banana. (i don’t count fresh fruit in my calorie counting.)
1/2 tablespoon of nutella. 50 calories.
1/8 cup of walnuts. 95 calories.

a total of 300 calories of breakfast goodness.

next time i will add some fresh fruit, i didn’t have any on hand.  strawberries would be oh so yummy.

what foods lift your spirits but weigh you down?


That looks absolutely delicious and healthy!