day 1: dining room remodel

there are a lot of goals and rewards in these parts.  not only weight loss goals but also home project goals that we want to push ourselves to accomplish before our reward trips.  the kitchen painting is done now we are just waiting to get the final cabinet pulls installed before i can post “after” pictures.  the garage is organized and cleaning in a way it has never been.  ever.  it looks amazing!  the wood pile move was accomplished.  next up, the dining room.

i hate the hunter green.  it is so blah.  it isn’t warm.  not inviting.  so it is all about to change.  on the bottom we are installing wainscoting and painting it valspar “polar white.”  for the top here are my two choices that may change.  if you remember how many shades of yellow i had on the kitchen (i think 8?) before i decided to just scratch the yellow and go with a neutral, you know i have no hesitation for buying sample paints.  the color on the left (the lighter) is the valspar “wicker” that we have painted in the kitchen and in the sunroom and eventually throughout the hallways in the house.  it is kinda boring but a nice warm neutral that would coordinate and flow.  the one of the right is valspar “cinnamon sugar.”  we worry it is going to be too dark but with the white wainscoting on the bottom it may brighten it up.  it is a strong color but still in the family of the rest of the house.

a new lighting fixture will soon be installed so if you are in the area and interested in the one that is up let me know.  i will be putting it up on craigslist later on.  we really love the style but it just doesn’t give enough light for this 10 foot ceiling large room.  plus we are getting a more simple, farmhouse traditional style with 6 lights.

so here are the before shots.  vote for which color you like the best for the top section.  and you can always vote for neither!

off to help remove the existing chair rail and baseboards.