i should have gone to vet school.

if you had asked me 5 years ago.  10 years ago.  20 years ago.  would you ever own chickens?  would you have a great pyrenees dog?  have a beekeeping husband? no.  my answer would absolutely be a no.  and i would have probably given you a strange look.

but here i am and simply, happy.

this morning however i decided i should have planned better.  i should have gone to vet school.  learn about animals and more importantly, how to remedy them back to health after minor injuries or illnesses.  because here we are with all these animals.

our buff orpington, lucy, has a wound on her head.  so it is isolation, neosporin, and rest for her.  yes, i will be applying neosporin on my chicken.  ridiculous.

martha stewart has a, my unqualified diagnosis, urinary tract infection.  i watch the animals like a hawk so we caught it super early.  she had a uti once before.  we pumped her full of cranberry juice over the weekend, observing her behavior for any changes, and on monday took her to the vet.  by the time the vet looked at her she was  fully healthy and the vet recommended staying the course with cranberry juice.  she said she has never heard of a dog drinking pure cranberry juice before and was shocked.  but it worked.  this time around i am trying to avoid the vet fees and sticking to the cranberry juice.

of course, if your animal isn’t urinating take them to the vet immediately because this can be life threatening.  in our case, martha stewart is urinating she just squats about six separate times.  she is in good spirits, eats and drinks, and continues to be her very playful self.  if we noticed any behavior changes we would take her in immediately.

after a couple of days of cranberry juice she is almost back to normal.  cranberry juice is, however, very tart.  which means lots of tongue licking, hot mess-ness.

we soak her food in the pure cranberry juice and she cleans the bowl.  then during the middle of the day she gets a bowl of 1/3 cranberry juice, 1/3 water, and 1/3 beef or chicken stock.

feel better my sweet girls.  i am sorry i don’t really know what i am doing.  social workers are not trained in head injury chicken wounds or uti infections in dogs.  but we are good problem solvers.  so maybe it balances out.

Angi- Raleigh
Angi- Raleigh

She could possibly have a bladder stone. My little Cairn does and it flares up every now and then and presents like a UTI. My husband suggests I pick her up and shake her like a snow globe!!