isolation for ethel.

my girl ethel is the buff orpington that has the head wound, not her identical sister lucy.  lucy layed her first egg yesterday but it was my sweet ethel that got literally pecked on. 

so isolation it was.

she was actually quite happy because she could feast on grass.  i gave her electrolyte water and cleaned her wound.

cleaning the wound involved saturating it with hydrogen peroxide being very careful not to get it in her eye.  then slathering neosporin.  yes.  neosporin on my chicken.  i am reading about purchasing an item like this one. any of you chicken owners have any experience?

and, of course, lots of loving from this chicken mama.

this morning she is back with the others and i am watching closely.  she is already at the bottom of the pecking order so i don’t want her to be isolated for too long.  it is a balance trying to figure out when to put her back in.  so fingers crossed she is on the road to recovery.