lunch with the rooster.

the weather today is beyond amazing.  beautiful.  superb.  the sunshine.  the breeze.  the crisp in the air.  i love every single bit of it.

i have lots of work to get done and none of it can be done outside.  so i opted to eat my lunch outside next to the chicken coop.

typically i share my grapes with the ladies and gent.  but not these.  these are my once a year, most favorite kind.  “holiday seedless” and no other grapes compare.  i found these beauties at whole foods.  they are huge, seedless and amazingly delicious.

since grapes does not a lunch make i sliced up a brown rice gluten-free (kinda gross by itself) tortilla.  this is suppose to be a substitute for flour tortillas.  but it is not.  it is so stiff, i use it to scoop salsa.  a wrap it will never be.  but it is a serving of whole grains so i can mark that off my list.  along with leftover trader joe fat-free refried beans and a heaping dose of fresh salsa.

dorothy was quite the chatterbox.