lunchin’ it.

last week i was obsessed with the jimmy john’s unwich.  since we live out in the woods and i can’t justify driving the 45 mins. for a lettuce wrapped sandwich i decided to make my own.

this is major yum.  spinach and artichoke, green garbanzo bean hummus.  i use it instead of mayo and a tablespoon gives just a hint of flavor to my homemade unwich.

wrapped in wax paper to keep all the goods together.  inside i have no salt turkey breast, broccoli and radish sprouts, chopped cucumbers, jalapenos, a tablespoon of hummus, and one slice of peperjack cheese.

i added 6 thin cakes with a mixture of 1/2 cup of fat-free refried beans and fresh salsa.  just 3 cakes is 38 calories of whole grain, gluten free goodness.  i used these in place of tortilla chips.

many more homemade unwiches will be happening in these parts!