make that a double

overall, the chickens are doing well.  some outdoor time.  well, outdoor time that quickly ended due to a hawk that became interested.  this chicken mama was none to pleased.  a new flock block.  and rose, our easter egger, laid a double yolker!  plus their coop got a fancy new sign.

i drive home and this sign along with the chickens running to the coop door make me so incredibly happy.

our friends at the local feed store suggested a “flock block” to give our group something to do because they suspected they are a bit bored.  dorothy, our rooster, has been over zealous with my sweet ethel.  poor thing is missing feathers and looking a big rough around the edges.  over the weekend we ordered a “hen saver” for her to wear (oh yes, there will be pictures!) but until it gets here we thought a flock block would be a good start.

the flock block is literally a block of feed, corn, wheat compressed together so that the chickens have to peck their way to get the goods.  they were definitely fans.  in the picture below you see my ethel, the yellow with the missing feathers, poor thing.

rose, our ameraucana “easter egger,” laid quite the egg the other day.  i just held the egg in my hand and looked at our smallest hen and was completely perplexed.  the question, “how?” just kept playing over and over in my head.  needless to say, i gave her extra spinach leaves and scratch that day.  turns out she gave us the “i have only heard about its existence but never seen one” double yolker egg!

last night before our hockey game the husband and i enjoyed the double yolker (perfectly safe to eat) scrambled.  speaking of the hockey game, i have to give a shout out to the husband that bartered a dozen of our ladies eggs for tickets!  our good friends kirsten and zach had tickets they were not going to be able to use so it was a win, win for all!  well, except for the hockey team which lost.  but it was such a fun game that even went into a shoot out.  lots of fun!

today i will give the ladies some fresh spinach leaves as a thank you.