my best friend.

i love this man.  he is my best friend.  the love of my life.  the best thing that ever happened to me.  plus we when kiss, my heart smiles.  not everyday is great.  not every moment is bliss.  but every single moment is worth being with him.

i am so thankful to my talented friend, shannon, to capture the two of us.  we got our cd of photos yesterday and here is a sampling of our favorites.  more to be posted on facebook.

there are so many great shots.  and then there are the shots where we weren’t “posing” and cracking up are so wonderful.

holding the mugs we painted for each other one day before i started graduate school.  the husband painted hearts for my mug with my favorite colors.  i painted a tree with fall leaves, his favorite, and our initials “carved” into the tree trunk.

happy weekend all.