our day at the state fair

11 years and counting the husband and i have made our way to the state fair.  we love everything about the fair and this year was no different.  a lot has changed in these 11 years.  for example, our eating habits were completely different this year.  a lot hasn’t changed.  we still love people watching.  bluegrass music on the lawn.  and the folk festival.  oh, how i love the folk festival.  you just never know what  you are going to see but it is guaranteed entertainment!

people watching is always classic.

hats made out of of a beer can box.  seamed pressed cowboy jeans.  thank you state fair guests.

before we leave we always catch the bluegrass on the stage.  usually with our n.c. state ice cream. this year was no different.

we waited in the always long line for our ice cream.  always long and always completely worth it!

only this year we shared.

our lunch was at neomonde food cart. healthy fair food indeed.  delicious, absolutely.  the husband enjoyed a beef wrap and i devoured a chicken kabob.  to share, hummus with gluten free pita chips.

i also hit up the mount olive pickle stand.  pickles have hardly any calories and i love them! i got three!

just to reference the 78 pounds i have lost over the last three years, here is a picture of me from the fair just 3 years ago.

nothing makes me more motivated than to look at pictures of myself.  they make me so incredibly sad because i see someone that is just so unhappy with herself but not quite ready to face that unhappiness head on.  i am facing it and changing myself on the inside and out.
we haven’t been to the fair at night since that very first year.  so we are heading back for a “date night.”  i am pretty sure there will be another shared ice cream.  more animal tents that we missed.  more music.  and the husband wants barbecue.  i just want to see the fireworks with my love.