sick. so sick. and a weigh in result.

i am not sure how it happened.  both the husband and myself woke up this morning feeling like a double decker bus had run over us.  i think there would be a statistical correlation between days i go to court and then get sick.  i am pretty sure there is a pattern. 

there were to be fun halloween activities tonight that are now canceled.  halloween treats made for the husbands office that will be delivered a day late.  oh well.


needless to say, we will be eating bowls of chicken “gluten-free” noodle soup. curling up by the wood stove. drinking mugs of mulling spiced cider.  letting the dishes pile up.  laundry forgotten.  and blowing our noses.  over and over again.

to add insult to injury weigh in day was today.  only one pound lost for me.  i guess after losing five pounds last week that is kinda expected.  i will continue to stay the course.  the husband didn’t weigh himself at all.  he stated there is a “too sick to care” clause.  i think he has a very valid point.