weigh in monday

i am so incredibly proud.  proud of myself for not eating that cupcake.  proud of myself for sticking with exercising even when the weight wasn’t coming off.  proud of myself for believing enough in myself to stay with it.  hard work will always shine through.

this week i lost 3 pounds!  total lost 38 pounds.

after a two week plateau i have never been so excited about a 3 pound loss.

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most important thing i have learned this week:
- losing weight is 80% mental determination.  when i was consistently losing the weight each week, it was easy to stay on track with calorie counting and exercising.  i was seeing the immediate results.  but when you hit a plateau, oh man.  counting calories, exercising at a higher intensity for longer and then seeing no changes.  that is awfully frustrating.  the fatty, mcfatty voice in the back of my head starts saying, “well, you aren’t losing, you might as well have that cupcake” or “go ahead and eat whatever, don’t count calories because it doesn’t matter.”  this week i said NO to that voice.

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