weigh in monday.

this past week i stayed on track for food.  always hit my calories and made good choices.  this past week i increased my workout time and intensity.  i started running outside instead of in the gym.  i started pushing myself to run at longer intervals.

i was sore for most of the week.  
weight loss total 0.  seriously.  i could cry.  honestly i have.  on friday it looked like i had gained 2 pounds so i guess breaking even is good.  but i am so upset.  
possible reasons why:
1. hormones.  this week was extremely stressful at work.  one of my cases involved a baby that was born addicted to cocaine with many medical problems.  these types of situations leave me in an emotional tailspin.  all the questions to the universe go unanswered.  several nights of not sleeping well.
2. i have been sore so i am probably building muscle.  maybe building muscle weight has offset the weight i am losing?  i don’t know.  i just know that i switched my routine up and pushed myself more.  
what i am doing about it.  nothing really.  keeping moving forward.  keep working hard.  keep doing what i have been doing.  i feel better physically than i have in years and i am just going to focus on that fact.  this is less about a number on a scale and more about health.  if i am exercising and eating healthy the weight will come off.  i trust that to be true.
this morning i had the motivation to try a new route.  5.27 miles.  i am t.i.r.e.d.  more hills.  more distance. more farms that were beautiful to see.  the weather was gorgeous this morning which helped me to push myself for the longer distance.
did i say hills?  yeah, i did.  
this was the final hill set on the new loop.  running on pavement is harder on my knees but i am so much quicker that i really like the switch from mostly gravel.
Allison Poz
Allison Poz

I know how you feel! I've been going to the gym for 2 months and trying to track calories, but no progress! Guess you just gotta keep moving forward!