an apron for my hen

i mentioned earlier that our rooster has been “over zealous” with my favorite hen, ethel.  he is absolutely destroying her feathers and in some spots her skin is exposed.  all this before he grows his spurs!  oh that rooster.    

we first got a flock block.  while the chickens absolutely love it, the roosters aggression towards ethel continued.  we decided to order a “hen saver.”  basically an apron that covers her backside.  the rooster jumps on the hens back thus removing feathers.  so this will protect her and allow her feathers to grow back.  so far, she doesn’t mind it and it has stayed in place.  heres hoping this is the solution.  next solution is bad news for the rooster.

here she is.  my sweet buff orpington.  funniest story yet about having a hen wearing an apron … our neighbors grandkids came over to visit the chickens.  these kids were incredible.  they immediately started naming our breeds and when i asked the older girl said, “oh, we have 26 chickens at home!”  she and her little brother both inquired about why that one hen was wearing a “sweater.”  i quickly gave the husband a panicked glance and awkwardly responded that our rooster was aggressive with her.  there are more kids coming this way for thanksgiving so i think i need to come up with a more clever response.  suggestions welcome!

we let the chickens out this weekend, completely supervised.  i about had a stroke when i saw a turkey vulture circle above.  but the chickens all had a grand time.  below is the husband with his favorite lady, our rhode island red.

i have said it before and will continue to say it over and over again.  i absolutely love it out here.  the trees.  the chickens.  the wood stove and wood pile.  i love every bit.

the chickens were a lot more daring than i had wished for.  we just watched and watched the farther they went.  it is pretty darn precious watching them stick to the group.

when my nerves couldn’t take them being so far in the woods, the husband went to corral them back.

i love when they all coming running towards me.  i know.  ridiculous.  look at the white one, rose, just-a-runnin’.

weekends like this … simply happy.