bows, finished dining room, weigh in day, and out of town guests!

oh my!  this space is going to continue to be empty for the next couple of days.  i am beyond thrilled to be hosting thanksgiving at our house with my georgia cousin, his husband and their four boys!  beyond thrilled.  footballs, wiffle ball sets, soccer balls, and nerf guns have been bought.  the thanksgiving menu is planned with each boy having their “signature” dish that they make.  there are no words to express how thankful i am for them and how excited i am for their visit.

around here we are preparing.  martha stewart and sam went to the groomer on monday for their “holiday” grooming.  it their gift from us, but really it is a gift for everyone.  the less hair the better.  we laughed and laughed and laughed at martha stewart and her “bows” that the groomer gave her.

both pups looked and felt great.  now they are ready for guests!

i failed to post my weigh in deets on monday.  2 pounds lost.  kinda bummed about it but at the end of the day the fat train has left the station.  slowly but surely the weight is coming off.  that is all that matters.  i am working hard for the thanksgiving 8k and am really looking forward to it!

i have no good segway other than we are knocking goals off our list.

the dining room is complete!  (aside from my photo wall and wine rack to be hung.) we are so completely happy with the way it turned out.  finally a dining room we love to be in.

first a before shot to remind us all what we started with …

and now! (also note the outside trees got their yearly “cut everything off that is green” pruning).

we are so happy to have found the perfect spot for this very special christmas cactus.  this huge, beautiful plant was the husband’s maternal grandmothers.  the first time i met her this was sitting at the back door and was in full bloom.  i immediately fell in love with this plant and after about two minutes after we first met, his grandmother.  she passed away earlier this year.  we think about her often and can’t travel to the mountains without deep sadness that we aren’t visiting her.  my mother-in-law graciously gave this plant to me.  i almost cried when i first noticed the buds a couple of weeks ago.  now it has a prominent place in our home.  a reminder that grandma chipley is always with us.

the top color is eddie bauer “wicker” from lowe’s.  i love their valspar premium paint.  the wainscoting is valspar “polar ice.”

a new addition to the room is the upgraded dog bowls for sam.


and since this post would not be complete today without a shout out to my maternal grandmother “granny.”  today is her 90th birthday!  my brother, his wife, and myself surprised her last friday to celebrate her big day.  we had ice cream cones and shared dirty jokes.  making her laugh so hard her feet wiggle makes my heart happy.  i don’t want to ever forget that afternoon of just pure laughter with some of my favorite people.

i am off to finish getting the house in order, groceries bought, and etsy orders completed before our vegas trip.  it is a busy, busy week but my heart is full of happiness.