dining room update

this weekend we are starting to see major progress in our dining room remodel.  the demo which included removing the existing chair rail and baseboards is finished.  then installation of a new chandelier.  the new one is simple and traditional.  just the look we are going for.  and functionally, it gives off so much more light than the old one (the primary reason we bought a new one).

after two coats of paint.  we chose “wicker” which is the same color as our kitchen, sunroom, and soon to be hallways.  thank you guys for your votes and feedback!

sunday we started on the wainscoting.  first the baseboard.  then paneling.  then chair rail.  lucky for us, we had great helpers. this is just moments before sam thought daddy needed the mallet.

i insisted we buy a nail gun.  i thought it a good investment since i would like more paneling in our house (i.e. master bathroom and upstairs bathroom).  and we are thinking of replacing the flooring.  all projects where a nail gun would be greatly appreciated.  the husband, after doing two short walls of wainscoting last night, happily said i was right.  i love that feeling.

so here we are.  more wainscoting to do.  then caulking then painting the wainscoting.  then thanksgiving dinner!  i can’t wait to have a beautiful dining room filled with people i adore.

and yes, the electrical wall plates will be switched out to match.