its good for the soul

i managed to make dinner yesterday.  it was all the energy i could muster.  it is no good when both you and your partner are sick.  rock, paper, scissors decides who has to get up and put the chickens in, feed the dogs, add wood to the wood stove.  i am worse off that the husband so i totally played that card every chance i got.

when you are sick what is the one thing you want to eat?  for me it is mcdonalds french fries and chicken noodle soup.  french fries were out because we weren’t going anywhere.  chicken noodle soup from the can became something that didn’t exist when i was diagnosed with celiac disease.  oh how i miss the days of just opening up a can.

i may complain about the frustrations and limitations of having a food allergy but i will also say that it was the best diagnosis i could have ever received.  number one, i feel better.  number two, i have become aware of what is in foods and been forced to cook more at home.  more whole foods with less “crap.”  lesson for me, a home cooked meal using good quality ingredients is truly better for the soul.

i have never made chicken soup before and really just threw a bunch of goods into a pot.  i started with 2 quarts of chicken stock.  homemade is best but a high quality store bought is good too.  i then added a huge bag of frozen vegs.  peas, corn, lima beans, green beans, carrots.  typically chicken soup doesn’t have vegs in it but i try to add as much vegs as i can whenever i get the opportunity.  i then broke up some gluten-free brown rice spaghetti noodles and threw them into the pot.  while that is going on i had two chicken breasts baking in the oven.  i shredded them when done and added to the pot.

2 quarts chicken stock, no salt if available
2 tablespoon garlic, minced
1 onion, chopped
1 large bag of mixed frozen vegetables
1 lb chicken, shredded or cut into cubs
handful of broken spaghetti noodles, i used tinkyada brow-rice
salt and pepper to taste

healthy, low calories and plenty of leftovers to help me knock this crud out!