there are so many things, so many people, so many events to be thankful for.  i am tremendously blessed.  our guests have left.  our hearts are full of the many memories of the last couple of days.  i miss having a house full of boys (4 boys, 2 dads).

i marked a couple of goals off my 30 while 30 list.  number 8, check.  number 28, most definitely as evidenced by the large, completely worth every single dish, pile of dishes in my kitchen this morning.

the pups had a blast.

sites were seen in my “none too subtle” attempts to get the boys to move this way.

their oldest son has decided to go to school at unc.  as a state girl i think i can sway him, but either way it would be a fantastic decision because he would be so close to me!

“christmas” morning breakfast.  recipe to follow.  super easy, major yum!

nerf guns.  whoopie cushions. “flarp” noise makers.  balloon rockets.  4 boys + lots of “farting” toys = major cool points for me and the husband.

it was unseasonably warm while the group were in town.  which was nice for lots of outside playing.  and trumpet fest 2011 totally happened.

the thanksgiving goods.  dining room set up.

craft paper on the tables with crayons.  who doesn’t love to draw on tables?!

food goods.

i love my granny’s old china.

the husband grilled the turkey.  beautifully, done.  absolutely delicious.

the dessert table.  derby pie.  lemon pound cake with lemon curd glaze.  carrot cake.  chocolate mousse pie.  cheesecake with optional cherries.  mini pumpkin pies with cinnamon whipped topping.

me and my cousin.  we are two peas in a pod.  we talk almost everyday.  i absolutely adore him.  thank you so much for driving all this way with your husband and your amazing children.  i loved every single second.

and a huge thank you to my husband.  he kept me calm when i got overwhelmed with the cooking.  he made a chart with cooking times so i would be organized.  (i was done with all the cooking by 12 yesterday. i have all afternoon to play nerf gun wars, football, wiffle ball, etc. with the boys.)  after all the crowds had left and it was just the two of us, we just cuddled on the screened porch.  talked about how much we have to be thankful for.  our life is beautiful.  my life is simply happy because of him.