weigh in monday

last week was a complete dud.  i didn’t workout a single day.  i felt like death.  i am still not able to breath without congestion.  i am better just not yet back to 100%.  being sick is so frustrating!

and lets clarify, i am not those people that get sick and suddenly lose my appetite.  oh no.  so it was major calorie counting this week.  when all you do is lay on the couch watching ally mcbeal (i seriously used to love that show!) losing weight is all about the food i am putting in my body.

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this week weigh in is 2 pounds.  i am happy with that for all the above reasons.  that brings my total in 20 weeks to 45 pounds lost.  and grand total, 85 pounds in three years.

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i am hoping to take today off and then get back to really pushing myself tomorrow.  i have two and a half weeks until my first 8k and three more weeks until the big vegas trip weigh in.

slowly making progress one pound at a time.