a grand ole time

an update: milo does not have a broken tail (thank goodness!) but appears to have been bitten on the tail.  he had to be sedated in order to clean the wound, give him pain meds and a strong shot of antibiotics.  we are beyond thankful it is nothing more serious and our little guy will bounce back.  i get to pick him up later today!

on our way to the grand canyon we stopped by the hoover dam.  we enjoyed the car ride by trying to remember all the movies and scenes featuring the dam.  the fugitive was probably the most memorable but my favorite was fools rush in.  an older movie with salma hayek.

after taking in the dam we continued on our way to the west rim grand canyon.  by route of a dirt road, of course.

there were so many sites to take in before we reached our destination.

finally, our first glimpse.

it was magical.  my senses were overloaded.  perceptions were challenged.  it is just so. big.  we would see helicopters flying about and they looked like little toys in the sky.

there is beauty around every corner.  every angle that the sun hits a cactus changes the colors.

we visited a native american reservation, the hualapai.

in my ancestry line there is native american roots.  in my husbands, not so much.

we stayed all afternoon.  just soaking in the grandness of it all.  with each minute the colors and shadows shifted like it was all new again.

after the drive back to the strip, we freshened up and headed out for our last dinner.  we couldn’t think of a better place to go so back to mesa we went.  i am telling you, best. meal. of. my. life.  we gambled a bit.  each $5 dollars.  i bet $4, won $4 and then lost it all.

the husband was the big winner.  he won $2.50 and was up $.50 but then lost it all.

our final night was spent at the venetian.  it was decorated for “winter in venice” and was beautiful.  it was the perfect nightcap.