and they are free.

this weekend the husband and i made a big decision in our chicken farming.  we officially let them out of their run.  we have done this before but for very short spurts of time and while this chicken mama was watching their every move.  new rule, if i am home they are out.  so far so good.  they already seem so much happier and healthier.  now they have access to grass and bugs and dirt and grubs.  they still go to their nesting boxes to lay their eggs.  they are going in their coop at night completely on their own.

my buff orpingtons sporting their new hot pink feather protectors.  these protect them from our over zealous rooster.

i went to check on them (i.e. do a quick count to make sure i see all six) and couldn’t find them out the sun room which is where they have always been for three days now.  i guess they were feeling more adventurous and had wondered down by the creek.  then i spotted blanche.

thats right.  in the dog fence.  luckily the pups were inside with me.  and where one chicken goes, the rest will follow.

sweet ethel.  doing her thing.  smart enough to stay out of the fence.

there are not a lot of things that make me smile like when this flock comes running at me when they see me.  following me around the yard is just a sight to see.

on a completely different note.  i am working on christmas decorations.  loving every single moment.