before vegas …

the husband and i laced up our running shoes and headed to town on thanksgiving for an 8k.  it was our first race together and definitely not our last.  despite our tremendous difference in height and stamina we had a lot of fun.  he pushed me when i needed to be pushed.  encouraged me when i needed to hear kind words.  we started and finished together.  surely there is some profound message behind all of this.

this is the two of us after the race back home.

these are great for so many reasons.  for all the above reasons and more.  since our boston trip the husband has lost almost 15 pounds!  (with his weekly bojangles fix i might add!)  i have lost 50 pounds this year!  what does that look like?

this is us at my first 5k two years ago.  i had just lost 40 pounds with my personal trainer.  after some fancy math by the husband we realized i had shaved 5 minutes per mile off my last 4-miler race i completed a year ago.

i post this picture because it best represents me at my heaviest.  although in reality i had just lost 40 pounds.  there aren’t many pictures of “those” days however.  this picture is so embarrassing.  horrifying.  but it is the reality that i was in.  and don’t ever want to go back.  every minute that i feel discouraged i look at this picture.  i am not that person anymore.  and i am so extremely proud of myself for making the change.

here i am today.  not yet at my goal.  not yet accomplished all i have on the list.  but so much happier every moment of every day.  it is important to remember how far you have come to really appreciate where you are.

Dana - Old Red Barn Co
Dana - Old Red Barn Co

you are so dang adorable I can't stand it. i want to hang out with you and absorb your craftiness!