christmas gifts

i love making as many christmas gifts as i can.  crafts.  food.  i love making it all.

i took a quick look back at some of years past gifts.  one of the most popular themes were our plates.  the husband helped A LOT with these gifts.  it was this year that he vowed never to “make” gifts again.  but i think all the work was totally worth it.  each family got their own “family” plate.

another year i made picnic blankets for everyone.

then personalized mugs.  definitely a hit.

this year i have a couple of crafts going on.  of course, i can’t share most until after the holidays.  but these fun tote bags have already been delivered so i can share away!  this was inspired by a tutorial i found on pinterest (my go to source for everything inspiring!).  it was cheap.  quick. easy. and fun.

i started with two tote bags.  fabric paint.  paper doilies.  paint or foam brushes. adhesive spray. and a letter to trace.  these bags are going to sisters, meredith and madison.

first trace the letter with a pencil.  then spray adhesive on the back of the doily and place on tote bag.  pick your paint color and dab at the doily openings.  as soon as you finish painting remove the doily.  important to do this while the paint is still wet.

this is right before i removed my “m” and filled in the pencil tracing with green paint.

inside the totes i put pencils, a couple of books, a journal, and a couple of toys.  i definitely see making more personalized tote bags in my future.