it was required

before we left las vegas and our southwest adventures it was mandatory to stop by the famous “welcome to las vegas” sign for our picture.  it was a great trip.  i challenged myself.  we continue to grow individually and as a couple on these trips.  i did things i swore i would never do (helicopter!) and enjoyed doing things i never have before (hiking!).  traveling out of your comfort zones and into new environments does that.

i am down 2 trips with only the finale left.  i have tried to keep it a secret but i am no good.  i am just so excited.  i will wait to announce here for a bit longer while we get all the details squared away.  but it is going to be people.  big.

thank you all so much for your well wishes for our sweet milo.  he is home resting, enjoying lots of special treats and kitty snuggling.  i will try to get a picture of him and his new haircut once he is up and at’em.  right now he is curled up in a ball on his blanket and i am not about to disturb that adorableness.