our first full day in nevada

i love traveling.  to see things you have never seen before gives me an adrenaline rush like no other.  i have a passion about learning how other people live.  think.  eat.  i want to learn and absorb cultures different than my own.  i have never been “out west” and was so looking forward to the adventure.

we hiked red rock canyon.  we were inspired to become rock climbers.  we allowed our eyes and our hearts to take in the pure beauty of things we had never seen before.

my favorite part of the mohave desert was finding random flowers.  simply beautiful.

our hike begins. as does my slight obsession with sun flare photography.

we did take a few detours. or we may have gotten lost.  detours sounds much more adventurous.

imitating the rock climbers.  this was just moments before a couple of real rock climbers walked up.  yes. it takes a lot to embarrass me.  yes.  i was completely embarrassed.

after the hike we headed to dinner.  mexican.  yum.  i ordered a “mexican coffee” to which the waiter laughed.  it had two shots of tequila and very little coffee.  why did i feel it necessary to take a couple shots?

because we ended the night flying over the las vegas strip in a helicopter.  i was a little scared.  this picture is completely awkward because the propellers are on and going fast.  and loud.  i thought for sure my handsome, TALL, husband was as good as gone.

we both survived.  it was amazing.  thrilling.  the pilot messed with me a bit because i was so nervous (while we were in the air) but i messed right back with him and kindly told him he would have to clean his seat after i got out of the helicopter.  oh.  i rode up front.  no. big. deal.