requesting good thoughts

milo bojangles is our precious cat.  he is top commander in this crazy house full of critters and humans alike.  monday night he came inside with a scratch on his ear.  it has been years since he has been in a fight.  after cleaning his minor ear scratch and quick glance over we thought he was alright.

tuesday i watched him all day.  lots of cuddle time.  i took him outside to drink bird bath water (his favorite) and do his business but immediately brought him back inside.  it was clear something was wrong.  last night we narrowed the injury down to his tail.  either it is broken (our suspicion) or he was indeed in a fight and he got bitten on his tail which is now an infected abscess.

this morning we dropped our sweet boy off at the vet.  he is in tremendous pain and is completely unhappy.

if you could send out a healing thought, a prayer if you believe, a good vibe our way.


OH, poor Milo! I hope they fix him right up soon. I have a sick kitty right now too (Smudge has a UTI) and can sympathize. It's hard when we love them so much!