glass etching, a tutorial

several asked about a tutorial for glass etching and i was just waiting for my next project in order to write up step by step instructions.

we have started selling our eggs to friends and family and i wanted a special place for our “chicken money.”  chicken money specifically goes towards feed and shaving but if there is extra then the ladies get treats such as mealworms, crickets, and blueberries (their favorite!).  the husband got a upset the other day when he realized part of our grocery budget was going to buying the chickens fresh fruits.  i could easily slip it by in the summer when fresh fruit is cheaper and in season, but when it is out of season i wasn’t able to be so sly. he caught me red handed when i put two cartons of blueberries, one for us and one for the chickens.  so if you are local and would like to buy some eggs for us and contribute to my spoiling of our flock, let me know!

my christmas present for my etsy shop was a silhouette cameo.  i am still learning all the things that i can do but so far it is helping me get pillows done quicker and more designs and options are available.  plus it is perfect for glass etching.  of course, you don’t need this machine to etch.  it just saves you from cutting out your template.

here are the tools needed. armour etching cream.  paint or foam brush. vinyl adhesive paper if using the silhouette.  adhesive paper if you are cutting out by hand. a jar, or whatever object you are etching. and i use a little hook tool to remove the template from the adhesive paper.  it is completely optional.

if using the silhouette, find an image or monogram or whatever it is your want to etch.  this is my chicken money jar so i went with a simple rooster.  for christmas gifts this year, we did monograms for everyone.

if you are not using a silhouette, find your image and trace onto your adhesive paper.  once traced, cut out using an exacto knife.  then peel what you want to etch.

remove from backing and place adhesive side on what you are etching. smooth out all the edges so there are no bumps.  this will ensure a smooth line.

using your brush, coat the open space liberally with the etching cream.  let is sit for 5 minutes per the instructions on the label.

you are almost finished! rise all the cream off with water.  then remove the outlining paper, then rinse again.  wipe clean.  don’t be alarmed that under the running water it looks like nothing has changed.  once dry you can really see the etching pop.

you are done.  simple.  quick.  a perfect project.  i am constantly on the look for jars or containers that i can etch.

only one thing missing.  much better.  :)  i definitely see some meal worms for my ladies in the near future!

i am thinking about adding monogram jars in my etsy shop.  what do you think?  stick with sewing projects or diversify a bit. below are the monogrammed jars i did for christmas gifts.

on a completely different note, my sweet martha stewart has been glued to my hip all morning.  typically she is outside during the day.  there is no complaining from me.  i absolutely adore her and every minute that she wants to spend inside with me and sam.  i think she knew we were doing a crafting project and wanted to supervise.