how sweet it is.

one of our three hives did not survive. the other two are doing well and we are crossing our fingers they make it through the winter, healthy.  sadly, we deconstructed the hive that failed.  we were fortunate to find leftover honey that they never used.

so we took apart the comb. and processed the honey.  this was a very simple way of straining the honey from the comb.  there wasn’t a lot so it didn’t make sense to find an extractor from our county beekeepers to borrow.  old school honey processing at its best.

a bowl for strained honey.  and another for the drained comb.  easy enough.  then came time to can the honey.  of course, there was lots of sampling.  you know, for quality assurance.

now, time to find something creative to do with the little bit of comb i have left over. while i decide, i think it is time to enjoy some warm oatmeal drizzled with a bit of our own honey.