just how i had pictured it.

when we first moved into our new home i knew the sunroom was where i wanted to spend most of my time.  all those windows.  all the sunlight.  at first there was carpet for half of the room.  dislike.  we put a couch and an entertainment center but it just wasn’t very much room.

then we decided to rip up the carpet and replace with matching laminate flooring.  then came the wood stove which we absolutely L.O.V.E.  after much debate and lots of waiting for the perfect discounts on furniture we have a completed sunroom.

the painting still needs to be hung but apparently i am not allowed to do that alone.  ridiculous.

more pillows to be made to bring in the blues and greens.  the couches are a tough canvas and all are slipcovers!

the room has a cozy feel now especially when it has been so rainy and cold outside and we have the wood stove going.  pure bliss.  this room, now, is just how i had pictured it.