marking #4 off the list.

my 30th year is quickly coming to an end.  i turn the big 3-1 next monday.  i took a look at my list the other week and realized i should maybe stop making lists!  last night i was able to mark off #4 of my 30 while 30 list, learn a new art by taking a pottery class.

i thought what better time to do something just for “me.”  the husband was extremely supportive and encouraging.  even though i have always wanted to learn how to “throw some clay,” learning a new skill is challenging and intimidating.  especially when you are doing it alone.  well, for me anyways.

the class couldn’t be more perfect.  only three students, including me.  the other two have taken a beginning potter class before and are wanted to hone their foundation skills.  last night i essentially had 3 hours of one on one time with the instructor.  i was a lucky, lucky girl.

to my surprise this happened!

not one of those is mine, but BOTH bowls are what i did completely on my own!!  i first watched the instructor do a cylinder.  then she watched me and assisted my hands, etc.  then i started from the beginning on my own.  two bowls later i am so excited and can’t wait to get back into the studio.

my second bowl, the one closest to the camera, is a bit wobbly.  last night i couldn’t sleep because i kept going over the steps in my mind of what went wrong.  a couple hours after the husband had gone to sleep, i abruptly woke him up with my ah! ha! moment.  i don’t think he minded.  he just laughed and made me promise that i would at least finish the beginners course before i started showing him plans on how to build our own kiln.