oh mumford. i adore your lyrical genius.

i am completely obsessed with my mumford & sons cd. i reach for it in happy times. i reach for it in sad. it comforts me. is cheers me up. it soothes my soul.  and there are only twelve songs. 

i played this song on repeat for about an hour. i just kept saying to myself this one line.

today was a tough day. but like all days it was filled with good. i caught up with a friend that i have known for practically all my life. lucky for me, she is getting ready to move just minutes away from us. then i came home and found a care package in the mailbox from a new friend.  a new friend that seems to have known me my entire life because she is the type of person that just knows when to call.  just knows when to reach out.

it was a hard day. my hardest yet.  but i am heading to bed with a full heart because of the love shown to me. maybe tomorrow i will find what is over my hill.  (well, after court.)


Love Love Love Mumford and Sons!!! I play them all the time- love the fact that you can listen for every mood and emotion. We were lucky to go see them last year in Asheville. Can't wait for them to tour the states again. Hope today is a better day, even if it's just a bit better. Still have you on my mind and prayers!