our last day.

today is bittersweet.  definitely more sweet.  but a little sad too.  tomorrow we are giving away our rooster. after several weeks of knowing this was the right decision, we have found a great home for him.  a 20 acre farm with 30-40 hens.  goats.  cows.  our dorothy will be in rooster bliss.

today is his last day with us.  to celebrate i took the great advice of one of my blog readers and gave the chickens my entire bag of kale.  they are feasting and i can go into the refrigerator without thinking about that damn bag of kale greens i bought for when i was pregnant.  definitely a win, win.


evidence on sweet lucy why this is the best decision for our flock.  see her poor head?  lots of feathers missing.  he grabs the back of their heads when he is doing his thing and they are all starting to have mohawks.  it is so pitiful.

the hen that has taken the most from his over-aggressive “affection” is little ethel.  she is currently in isolation (again!), which is the dog crate that currently lives in the run.  so many hens have had to be in isolation that we built a nesting box for them.

here is ethel enjoying the greens.  her wing (not pictured because it is gross to look at!) is completely bare of feathers and has started to bleed.  it is so important once there is a wound to isolate the injured bird.  they attack blood, not sure if it is the scent or the color, but the healthy birds will gang up and attack the injured one.  so ethel is having some alone time.

the dog crate works great inside the run.  the injured bird is protected but still can socialize and “be” with her flock.  if you isolate the injured bird completely for too long they become depressed and will stop eating and drinking.  not good when you are trying to get fluids into the hurt animal.  thankfully we built the run large enough that the large dog crate can sit inside.

so farewell dorothy. i really do wish it could have worked out.  gosh you are beautiful and i will most definitely miss your morning and afternoon crows.  i really will.  i know it is my hormones that are not back to normal from the miscarriage, but i am so much more emotional that i thought i would be.

i hope you find lots of freedom and happiness in your new home, my first little rooster. 

Poor Little Ethel. I'm sure Dorothy will be SO happy with so many hens to "get to know". And I'm glad you've gotten rid of the damn kale and the cute chickies are making something good of it.