this week is one filled with purging.  purging all the stuff that clutters the corners of closets and drawers and plastic bins.  all the stuff.  it can appear suffocating.

many items are being sold on ebay.  you can search lots of my plus size clothing (mostly old navy and lane bryant) and size 8 shoes.  almost all are in brand new condition and if they have been worn, only a handful of times.  if you are interested in my lot of goods send me a private message and i will let you know my username.

i have also been clearing out my craft room.  i made so much inventory for a handful of craft fairs then realized that since so much of my stuff is personalized, craft fairs are not really my cup of tea.  to my etsy shop i went with tons of tie onesies, fabric bead necklaces, and hair accessories.  all $5 or less.