salad goodness

the weekly menu this week had many days of spinach salad.  the husband eats this variety of salad everyday at work.  no dressing, just a blend of salty and sweet over a bed of spinach.  i am a salad dressing girl and it took me a while to try his version of a salad.  now, i am in love.  
i hardly ever make salads at home and now i have actually run out of spinach.  it is a beautiful thing.
don’t be scared.  the ingredients don’t look all that interesting.  but something magical happens because the blend is delicious.

on my plate of yum there are the following:
a heaping handful of spinach.  the more you can fit on your plate the better.
fresh broccoli.
walnuts. (unsalted)
pumpkin or sunflower seeds. (lightly salted)
dried cranberries. (we buy the cranberries that are sweetened with apple juice instead of sugar. i think it gives them a more unique flavor than sugar sweetened cranberries.)

the following is my variation to the above husbands standard spinach salad:
1 hard cooked egg (with 3-5 eggs per day i need to find ways with every meal to add an egg!)
2 tbsp of fig balsamic vinegar (only 30 calories for 2 tbsp)
5-8 spicy flax snax crumbled up

these are a bit pricy but with those ingredients and nutritional boosts it is well worth the extra change.  they are my go to snack when i am craving something salty and crunchy.  plus they have a little kick (spice) so i end up drinking more water.

it is a plate full of yum for both me, my tummy, and my waistline.