sweet milo

our little man got into another fight a week ago so he has officially transitioned (or is transitioning) into an indoor cat.  this has been such a difficult decision for us and definitely difficult for him.  his entire life has been spent outdoors when he felt the desire and indoors when he wanted cuddle time.

unfortunately he is losing the fights (all wounds are on his tail or back leg) so the thought of him outside running away and being scared breaks my heart.  he just isn’t as young as he once was.

on a positive note, i feel like we have our playful kitten back.  typically he is so tired when he comes inside that he isn’t in a playful mood.  but now he is full of energy and we are both enjoying the joys of an indoor cat.  cats are so much fun when they play and it is so great to see his playful spirit.

when the dogs go out, i pull out several toys and we just go to town.  putting up the christmas decorations has been hilarious.

sigh.  i love this cat.  i hope he can find peace being indoors for all of our sakes.