we are old.

i will be back to regular blogging in a bit.  we are both sick with colds.  nothing major but just gross.  trying to find our new routines has been a bit difficult but we are finding our way.  weight conversations.  finale trip. all to be discussed when i am not covered in kleenex.

i did want you all to officially know that i am officially old.  and if i am going to be old, by golly i am taking my husband with me.

if you walk into our home at this very moment this is the state of our dining room.  and i couldn’t be happier.  we found this 2000 piece puzzle of las vegas and thought it might be a fun activity.  we really want to spend less time in front of the television this year.  more time talking.  more time interacting with each other.  often we get home, eat dinner (often watching the national news), then watch a show or two, then bed.

so yep, we are old.  it is simple.  it makes us both more happy that we will admit in public.