30 while 30

would it be silly to start a 31 while 31 list?! i really enjoyed making a list.  then crossing things off the list.  but then how do i not feel disappointed at the things i completely forgot about?  my 30th year was filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  some were reflected in my list and others not.  this year took me to places i never thought i would have the opportunity to go.

when making the 30 while 30 list i stayed local.  i had no idea that walking on the field at fenway park would be in my future.  i had no idea flying in a helicopter over the las vegas strip would happen.  the lesson.  dream big.  set your sights high because you never know what is ahead.

here is the original list.  my current thoughts in bold.

1. own a flock of organic eating, free range loving, happy chickens. yes, yes, yes. this happened and i am so happy to be a chicken mama.  there are many days where i feel just completely over my head but i figure with enough blueberries all will be okay. this is an excerpt from my favorite chicken book written by ashley english, “one of my favorite unexpected perks in keeping chickens is the daily lessons they offer in mindfulness. chickens live in the moment, thrilling a the conquest of a wriggling grub, squawking in triumph at the delivery of an egg, resting contentedly in a dust bath. they don’t worry about whether they spent too much time in that dust bath, or if they squawked too loudly about that egg, or if they ought to have squirreled away that grub for another day. they rise with the sun and get to the business of living with vivaciousness, curiosity, and deliberation we could all learn from.  while you may be setting out on your own chicken-raising adventure seeking nourishment for your body, i predict you just might find some for your soul, too.”  

2. eat organic, eggs from my own happy chickens that i have raised and loved. 100% yes. i love knowing exactly where my food comes from.  i also love sharing that goodness with others.  and the pink cartons that i package my eggs in makes my heart happy.

3. see the launch of the discovery nasa space shuttle in its final mission to space. this was originally my husband’s dream. to see one of the final launches of the nasa shuttle program. but after he shared his passion for everything space, i quickly jumped on the bandwagon. words can’t describe the intense thrill of seeing the shuttle launch.  all your sense are awake from the sound to the visual light show. chills throughout your body. 

4. learn a new art by taking a pottery class. a recent accomplishment. i love it. enough said. 

5. start meditating on a daily basis. nope. didn’t happen. i bought a book but never opened it. i would like to find more peace.  more calming time.  learn how to relax by breathing.  all that good stuff.  maybe i will keep this on my list for next year.
6. read a book each month. i would LOVE to have a blog book club, if you will. you suggest books and we will read them together. i want to read smart books, profound books, life changing books, and some pure enjoyment books (otherwise known as “chick lit”). i found a book club and i LOVE it. we have read just that, smart books, enjoyment books, and several in between. right now we are reading the hunger game trilogy and i can’t put them down. i love this group of women and our monthly outings.

7. go camping. in an actual tent. did not happen. however, we did get a fancy tent for christmas that is awesome. we practiced using it in our front yard, yes we are those people. this will definitely stay on the list.  it will happen.  if only once, it will happen.

8. plan a trip with my cousins in georgia. can be here or there or somewhere in between.  turned out to be here for thanksgiving. there are still signs around from that wonderful few days.  i love these guys and am so very thankful for the almost daily phone calls full of laughter.

9. volunteer in the community. this year i became a guardian ad litem for my local court district. it is the most difficult at times but most rewarding commitment i have made. i love getting to know people in our community. i love the women i work with and the kids, oh these kids are inspiring. 

10. lose 30 pounds. really i want to lose more. but lets be honest, if i lose more that will only be a win, win. losing 30 seems completely attainable. and i like to mark things off of lists. i am so proud to have successfully lost the 30 pounds but am now at 44, 84 total lost in three years.  and i am not stopping. weigh in mondays started. healthy eating habits and more importantly exercising became apart of my new routine.

11. eat a mostly meat-free diet. out of 21 meals each week, only 5 contain meat. and continuing to be picky about the meat will be a priority. i feel i have done extremely well with this goal. i very seldom eat meat at restaurants, unless it is whole foods or chipotle, and at home all breakfast and lunches are meat free.  meat is not the bulk of our dinners and i feel we are both healthier because of this shift.  

12. conscious exercise 5 times a week. a walk with the pups. a class at the gym. consistency is key. for the most part i have been tremendously consistent.  this third miscarriage has been difficult to recover from and i am slowly getting back to walking and even jogging. i will get there.  

13. find a primary care doctor and get a full body check up. i did not do this. i did try at the first of the year and did not enjoy the doctor that was recommended.  then miscarriage number two, after lots of visits to the obgyn i didn’t want to step foot in another doctors office.  now after our third, it is probably time. i did successfully find a doctor for my husband and got him in for a full body check up, so does that count?!

14. hire a photographer and have a fun photo shoot out on our little “farm.” i want to do this once i have reached my goal weight. we did have a fun photo shoot with a good friend shannon. i loved, loved, loved our photographs and can’t wait to have a full on photo shoot.

15. challenge yourself once a week, at least. blog about the adventure. once a week?! maybe yes, maybe no. this year was the most challenging for me but i don’t know that i could have blogged about my adventure. it was more like, girl put your damn sports bra on and go run!, kinda challenge.

16. remodel/redecorate the dining room. by myself. no husband handiwork. well, my husband is so darn handy and would have probably had his feelings hurt if i didn’t include him.  so i did.  and he did a lot of the work.  but we did complete it. and i love it. next up a photo wall in there.

17. write a letter to my husband on our 10 year anniversary (this may). seriously, i should do it right now. i completely forgot this and i do love the concept of writing a letter to your partner every year. in a way this blog is a really, really long letter to him.  my words about about live together.  and as a good friend pointed out, either he is perfect in every way or he gets a really great edit on your blog because you never complain or talk about his faults.  so (a) yes, i am going to write a letter because i feel it is important and (b) he does get a great edit on the blog.  marriage is hard and there are always going to be bumps in the road.  no one is perfect.  but i sure did luck out with him.

18. go to see my favorite band when i was a child. new kids on the block. in greensboro. tickets given as my birthday present from my sweet husband. i know. get excited. oh it was everything i had dreamt it to be. i loved new kids on the block and the concert did not disappoint.  at all.

19. go canoeing on the river by our house. how did this not happen either?! i am kicking myself. we have a canoe. it is waiting.  this is ridiculous and needs to happen asap. 

20. watch an outdoor play. there are so many to chose from! and i didn’t chose a single one. 

21. see the wild horses on the outer banks. i have planned a special trip (thanks groupon getaways!) to the outer banks in march for an early anniversary/late valentine’s day gift with the husband. this is going to happen then.  plus a major adventure activity for the husband to replace the land sailing that got cancelled when we were in las vegas.

22. go white water rafting. nope. didn’t happen this past year, but i am thinking a mountain weekend with my georgia cousins (yes, jeremy you better take note) where we meet halfway and go rafting together. 

23. throw away the fears and the protection, start baby making again. ahh. unfortunately this is going to have to continue to my on my next years list. 2011 provided us with our second miscarriage which propelled me to dye my hair pink and change my life.  when your head and heart is consumed with fear, you’ll have no room for dreams. even if you don’t know the outcome, try, and try again.

24. be authentic. completely honest with myself and others. especially family members.  oh where to begin. yes i became more authentic with myself and others. apparently there are life lessons everywhere.  one is simple: if you are treated poorly by someone, no matter who they are, you must have enough confidence in yourself to walk away. at the end of the day, you deserve respect.  if you don’t respect yourself, no one else will.  i found respect for myself and i am not looking back.  just because you share blood does not mean you are immune from the consequences of your actions. i am sad at the outcome but am confident in my actions and now it is just time to move on.

25. make a quilt. for myself. sadly, no. but my etsy shop has been doing extremely well and i just made my 102nd sale on etsy.  2012 looks like it is going to be a great pillow making year!

26. kiss my husband. every. single. day. that we are together. easy. i do love kissing him. i recently saw a marilyn monroe quote on pinterest that i loved, “the real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead.” so true.
27. laugh when the pups are muddy instead of getting upset that i just cleaned the floors.  with our pups, you just have to laugh. they are huge. they shed like crazy. i vacuum a lot but somedays you just have to laugh.  

28. never prioritize cleaning over spending quality time with the husband, family or friends. new motto: put away food that will spoil if left out then forget the rest. dishes can always wait. especially when there are nerf gun battles going on.

29. take a cooking class to learn how to cook something i have never cooked before. i really am excited about doing this but just never found the time.  i will though.  anyone in the area interested in joining me?

30. keep a “best and worst” journal daily. “best” being something i am proud that i did, a fear i over came, something i did well. “worst” being anything from a negative thought i had about myself that i couldn’t let go, not being my authentic self, a decision i made out of fear. ultimately, i want to really start liking myself. i think turning 30 means it is about damn time. at the end of each week i will have 7 “best” things to be proud of and 7 “worst” things that i can work on. building self confidence one decision at a time. gosh, i really liked this idea.  it just never came to fruition.

next i will start thinking of the adventures my 31st year will hold.  i am pretty excited.

I loved your list, and it seems like you were much more successful than I was. :) I can't wait for you to hit your goal weight, so we can schedule that photo shoot. Maybe we could work out a pillow trade for a shoot?