birthday pottery.

i will recap my 30 while 30 list and my wonderful birthday celebrations in a bit. but first i could not wait to share my pottery that i made.  last night was my second class and boy i can see such an improvement.  it is amazing to see such change in just one week!  
i made three more bowls.  two very similar, i would love to make a matching set, and one that i was just playing with the shape because there was only 20 minutes left in class.  

the bowl farthest to the right without the lip at the top was one of the two i finished last week.  it is still too wet to start trimming and taking it to the kiln.  oh i am so excited about that next step!

i am thinking of adding little decorative handles to the two bowls with lips to make them soup or chili bowls.  
i found this on pinterest the other day and i loved it. i immediately applied it to my pottery class.  i am sitting there and think i am going to make one thing.  then that goes terribly wrong so i try to make something else.   being wrong can become a beautiful thing if you loose the fear.  
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yes.  i am completely loving my pottery classes.