chicken update

the chickens are settling into their new normal.  for the most part, two of the three newbies have found their place in the flock.  at the very bottom.  occasionally, ethel and/or blanche will give them a peck to remind them but for the most part they all just do their thing.

it helps that we created kind of an obstacle course in the run.  lots of hay straw for them to rummage around in.  hay bale piles for them to jump and hide behind.  the chair which they love to perch on during the bathing time.  bored chickens no more.

this is how the past week has looked.  the original five on one side. still evidence of dorothy on almost all.  ethel, the buff at the top of the picture looks the worst.  but they are all slowly growing feather back.

and on the other side, two of the three newbies.  dolly and stevie.

and inside the “cage” is the other newbie, tina turner.  she has almost fully recovered from her attack and this weekend we will cautiously introduce her into the flock.

every night we go and bring her inside and vice versa in the morning.  she has become so used to us handling her.  she is so very sweet.

and because cosby and ethel feel that if i am out there treats are sure to be next, i had to capture how they were practically standing on my feet as i was taking pictures.

rose in the background makes me laugh.

so all in all the flock is back to being healthy.  no more feather eating, i vow the greek yogurt with the additional protein cured that problem.  rose has survived her respiratory virus and is back to normal.  again, no antibiotics but a super cleaned out coop, electrolyte water, and lots of greek yogurt helped build her immune system to fight off the infection.  and the newbies are slowly becoming a part of the flock.

change is always difficult.  it is tiring.  finding new routines is hard.  but we are all better for it.  especially when the newbies start laying their beautiful blue, green, or pink eggs.  oh i can’t wait!