completely overwhelmed

last night my book club ladies got together for a recap of the hunger games.  book one.  we LOVED it.  i can’t recommend this book enough.  i have begged my husband to read it so i could talk to him about it and make references in life that he would understand.  well, he has now hijacked the kindle so i can’t yet start on book two.  which i am DYING to start!  i literally am close to asking him to take a vacation day just so he can find the time to finish it.  i am equally close to being able to rationalize buying the $80 kindle.  but that just seems silly.  or does it?!

joining this book club was one of the best decisions.  the women are fantastic.  all from different walks of life.  different professions.  different ages.  different life stages.  but all incredibly intelligent and just so very kind.

we had our second miscarriage just after book club had started, we have maybe met once or twice.  i got a couple of cards in the mail.  one card was from my “crafting soulmate” which i have known for a bit but not well enough.  (2012 we are changing that!) another card was from someone that i had just met that literally had to sign the card after her name, “from book club.”  i will never forget this kindness.

fast forward to a couple weeks ago and our third miscarriage.  i received a care package from my “now i am dropping the crafting, and just saying ‘soulmate’.”  a care package with a kind card and a two cds.  one was a “happy” cd of hand selected songs and the other cd was a “sad” playlist that i was instructed i could only listen to once a day.  the happy cd began with mmbop by hanson and ended with the theme from saved by the bell.  seriously people, it was pure love.

back to book club.  my soulmate was hosting and she had an amazing spread.  she was celebrating both my birthday and other member’s february birthday.  for me, she had baked gluten free brownies, inside of egg shells.  yes, INSIDE the egg shells.

i am still amazed.  i came home with the leftovers just to show my husband.  he was amazed and commented that he would never go to that much effort for a birthday brownie for me.  i laughed and immediately agreed that i couldn’t think of anyone i would do that for, including him.  ha!

and then the hunger games themed snacks.  if you have read book one, then you know the reference to the berries.  i will leave it at that but seriously, read the book!

valentine’s day touches that i just adored.

and then my birthday gift.  as if the brownies were not amazing enough, she MADE me a chicken wire frame.  oh i can’t wait to find the perfect spot for this beauty.  i warned my husband that i might need to make a couple more for other rooms in the house.

my contribution was greek hummus.  not fancy.  not thoughtful.  but easy and healthy ingredients.  i paired it with falafel chips from trader joe’s.  they were all a hit.

here are the simple ingredients:
hummus. store bought or homemade.  no judgement here.
cucumber, chopped.
red pepper, chopped.
olives, chopped.
fresh dill, chopped.
and, of course, feta cheese.

just layer away.  first hummus.

then vegs. then cheese. then dill.

our book club is planning on branching out.  i am going to organize a “pinterest retreat” out at the farm.  each lady will be responsible for a craft and a recipe.  it is going to be a weekend full of amazingness.  when i came home last night so excited about talking a mile a minute with the husband, he very quietly asked, what weekend is this and where am i going to go?